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Pictures Speak Their Own Language

Pictures speak 1000 words – through the eyes of others. #vstil http://ow.ly/i/3XDE2 We see so many images, that we can’t count them. Our life is a series of images. How we translate them is unique. And when we translate them… we must always keep in mind the complexity and depth of the receivers of the […]

Master Your Digital World

I was recently tasked with the explanation of what is so crucial about Facebook for a business.  As a communication strategist, my gut screams, “well duh!” but my relationships with my clients help me understand the importance of explaining this type of digital footprint in a clear and logical way. In my desire to communicate […]

Managing Your Digital Real Estate™

You know, personal branding is an amazing tool – and today that tool is employed ninety percent of the time without people even thinking about it.  But they should – especially those who seek to impact their financial bottom line. Most of us have grown up with our teachers and hopefully, our parents telling us […]