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Social Media Pours Into Mainstream – Well Duh!

Social media is going away? That’s what the title of the article I just read implied – Feathers ruffled, I quickly garnered my thoughts and opinions to rebuke and admonish those who say social media is going away – because I know it’s simply not true. Then I see it’s written by social media guru […]

Magic Management Needs For Social Media

I just sat down with a colleague who mentioned that he’s looking for the magic formula for helping his clients manage their social media. Upon further discussion, what eventually fleshed out was the consensus that while small businesses want to have an online presence, they’re finding it too cumbersome to perform the task themselves. That […]

Tribes – A New Definition

As a society we’re always in a continuum of redefining. We repurpose and redefine pieces and parts of our society as our needs suit us – words being the canary for societal change. The example of which has caught my attention lately is tribes. Oh, I’ve read and seen it applied several ways over the […]

Master Your Digital World

I was recently tasked with the explanation of what is so crucial about Facebook for a business.  As a communication strategist, my gut screams, “well duh!” but my relationships with my clients help me understand the importance of explaining this type of digital footprint in a clear and logical way. In my desire to communicate […]