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Which Comes First – The Chicken or the Egg?

Ok, So I’m now back into the perpetual conversation about SEO and Social Relationships.  Which is first?  Which is best? Which way do you go? I just finished reading an article by a team member of a notable SEO company who mentioned that 20% of Google searches each day have never been searched before. That’s an […]

Magic Management Needs For Social Media

I just sat down with a colleague who mentioned that he’s looking for the magic formula for helping his clients manage their social media. Upon further discussion, what eventually fleshed out was the consensus that while small businesses want to have an online presence, they’re finding it too cumbersome to perform the task themselves. That […]

SEO vs Social Marketing – Which One Is Better?

So who’s right? I’ve now heard several SEO companies say “Meh” to likes and retweeting- that it’s all about the analytic  and how the numbers are shifting due to ad placement determination. They bank on the philosophy that they can place ads for your company in strategic arenas by association of like style organic searches […]