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My Personal Passion Crosses Into My Profession

Here’s some thinking outside the box on a Saturday morning – this happens to me when I sleep in. After drinking my coffee while I read my paper, I opened my Facebook to take a peek this morning and came across an Amber Alert. Long story short, my curiosity about the urgency and its validity […]

Managing Your Digital Real Estate™

You know, personal branding is an amazing tool – and today that tool is employed ninety percent of the time without people even thinking about it.  But they should – especially those who seek to impact their financial bottom line. Most of us have grown up with our teachers and hopefully, our parents telling us […]

Personal Branding Begins At Home!

  I’ve always said I believe if you’re going to tell others how to do something, you need to walk the walk yourself.  So true.  I’ve been so busy walking for my clients, I’ve put myself last in the cue.  Well, that’s all changing now. Each morning, I set aside 1.5 hours for “me”. This […]