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YouTube is quickly becoming the go to Al

YouTube is quickly becoming the go to Alt Media source for people seeking alt narratives. Advertisements

Esk’et Tiny House is not your average tiny home

Tiny house enthusiasts Robert and Bettina Johnson recently completely their very own home, which combines a surprisingly large and modern interior with a curved roofline and references to local art and tradition Sourced through from: Really nice TH!  Video at the end provides great build detail. See on – The Tiny Mile

Spacious two-bedroom tiny house is fit for a small family

Thanks to its clever layout, this little home offers more space and privacy for families. Sourced through from: Two bedrooms don’t leave much for social space but, it is a great layout if you don’t need social space. I featured this TH in my channels – it’s nice to see the inside. See […]

Tiny House Village lets you try out small living for size

The idea of living in a tiny house can seem pretty appealing, but the reality of day-to-day life in such a small space obviously isn’t for everyone. Sourced through from: How cool is this!?  Try it before you decide…  This is helpuful for decidiing what features are important to you.  I also think […]

Tiny house construction company cooks up a new model

It’s all about where you put your priorities. Sourced through from: cute, tight models that have a lot of appeal.  I like the company’s approach! See on – The Tiny Mile

Tiny House Living May Soon Be Illegal – The Organic Prepper

Is it any surprise that the government is now taking steps to limit our ability to drastically reduce our expenses? Tiny house living may become illegal. Sourced through from: It’ll never stick!  Living in and RV has been illegal for years but they still do it.  There are far too many people saying […]

Tiny House Jamboree, Insights from the Tiny House Tribe

Insights & inspiration from the tiny house community at the National Tiny House Jamboree 2015. Leaders in the tiny house movement share their tiny house … Sourced through from: Follow up on the Tiny House Jamboree…  I appreciate the ability to watch this video. See on – The Tiny Mile