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Bye-Bye Coffins! These Organic Burial Pods Will Turn You Into A Tree When You Die

Here is a very unconventional way of being buried. This unique burial method originated in Italy and is titled The Capsula Mundi project created by designers Sourced through from: I like this.  I would add park type benches and pathways… This is so much better than holding our earth hostage with bodies in […]


RT #Build Your Own #Tiny #House Using Our Tiny House #Plans! #diy #home #building … Sourced through from: For those of u w a twitter account: house build on wheels. See on – The Tiny Mile

What appliances do you use in a tiny house? Where do you get them? — COMET CAMPER

One thing that people are often curious about in tiny houses, is what kind of appliances do you have?  Do you cook on a hot plate?  Do you have a regular washer and dryer?  Do you use a window air conditioner to cool it off? Sourced through from: Figuring out appliances is critical… […]

Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary

Small is Beautiful is a tiny house documentary following four people as they build their own tiny houses in pursuit of a mortgage free lifestyle. Sourced through from: You can rent the movie, add a couple of bucks and own the movie, there’s even an option to buy a package of videos that […]

PDF Magazine – Tiny House Magazine

Sourced through from: The new issue, # 33, of Tiny House magazine is now available.  I love the new ideas!  See on – The Tiny Mile

Kevin McCloud for Lime Technology discusses industrial hemp (Bringing It Home) – YouTube

Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs) discusses Lime Technology and building with industrial Hemp to complete his project “The Triangle” on “Bringing It Home”, and t… Sourced through from: A little more on the awesomeness of industrial hemp as building materials. See on – 3 Star Wellduh!

Spaceweather Glossary: The Classification of X-ray Solar Flares

Sourced through from: For my Nerdist, new age, or science appreciated colleagues. See on – 3 Star Wellduh!