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Honing it In – Dialing it Down – Running With It

What’s more important, an idea or the execution?  I hear many great ideas. I have many great ideas – the execution of them are another thing. Concept to creation is quite a process. Comprehending and actually achieving a viable rendition of a “brilliant idea” is often undervalued by all but the executioner(s). But does that negate the value of the idea?

It takes a resonating idea as the flint and the first strokes of movement to spark the life that creates the first motion projecting the idea towards reality. Keeping things in motion becomes the true meter of resonance – is it worthy of your blood, sweat, and tears?.  Ideas – they come to all of us.  We all have that million dollar idea.  But it’s just that – an idea.  Without execution, strategy, commitment, endurance, and most of all, the secret sauce, the belief that both the idea and the idea guy are worthy, it will remain just that – another good idea.

So while things can’t start without an idea and the idea can’t live without the start, nothing happens without both.  It’s a vicious circle – but only to those who feel shorted. Someone, somewhere has thought of it – that great idea. More than likely, several someones. It’s those who take an idea and run with it all the way to the finish line that gets to feel the worthiness of sweet satisfaction.  They had their idea burger with pickles, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, meat, and the secret sauce.  We all know that an idea is just an idea and without all the fixings and the notion of worth, it’s just another flame-broiled idea bun.

But the idea was good – right?


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