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This Tiny House Helped Save Its Owners Life

Doctors gave the woman just a few years to live — but she had other plans. Sourced through from: awesome story! Simplicity brings a better quality of life for many. See on – The Tiny Mile Advertisements

Getaway lets you try a tiny house on for size – BetaBoston

When planning vacations, it’s tempting to think big. But what about small? Very small. Getaway, a new startup out of Harvard, is taking the off-the-grid Sourced through from: Fabulous!  Try it for size… Perfect! See on – The Tiny Mile

Is Tiny House Living Practical? – Frugal Rules

Tiny house living has become very popular, but it’s not for everyone. Here are some reasons why you may not want or be able to live in a tiny house. Sourced through from: I always find it fascinating when people determine what they can’t do rather than what they can do.  Intentional living […]

Real Estate Report: The tiny house movement – WGME

WGMEReal Estate Report: The tiny house movementWGME“The scale of our homes should be derived from the real needs of our daily lives, not from vanity, insecurity or need for public display,” said tiny home owner Tarsha Downing. Sourced through from: this is a big statement for social values… I like it! See on […]

Tiny houses offer affordable, comfortable living – The Denver Post

To those willing to radically downsize possessions, a tiny house can mean a life refocused on voluntary simplicity. Sourced through from: This woman is awesome! Uh, definitely scratching Denver off my list of awesome cities. See on – The Tiny Mile

6 Reasons Why The Tiny House Movement Is Going To Be Big Over Coming Decades

Henry David Thoreau, the American author, poet, and philosopher (among other things) who wrote the classic essay “Walden” is somewhat of a poster boy for many in the tiny house movement. Sourced through from: love love love this article… it explains so much with straight forward reasoning for the tiny home trend.  I […]

How to generate social media sales

Looking to generate sales from social media? Here’s how you do it! Sourced through from: the funnel effect is always something to consider See on – Social Media On The Loose~