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Tiny House Decisions Guide Book – How to Build Tiny

Tiny House Decisions is a unique new guide that helps you plan, design, build, and make crucial decisions for your tiny house Source: So helpful!  If you’re thinking of building a tiny house.. read this book!  Hands down, one of the clearest, and insightful books on my shelf! See on – The Tiny […]

How to Avoid Having a Ladder in Your Tiny House

Most tiny houses come with lofts and ladders to reach those lofts. What alternatives are there to the tiny house ladder? Find out how to avoid having a ladder in your tiny house. Source: Love Ethan’s ability to point out ideas, concepts, and much more.  See on – The Tiny Mile

Tiny House Movement: Affordable Housing Revolution

If you’re here you might have a lot of questions on the small house movement. That’s normal. Some common questions you might have include.. What is the tiny house movement? What is a tiny house? Ho… Source: Excellent resource for tiny home possibilities. See on – The Tiny Mile

I Spent 3 Days In A ‘Tiny House’ With My Mom To See What Micro-Living Is All About

Living in a tiny house isn’t all it’s chalked up to be. Source: sharing a tiny house with anyone, let alone your mom, will give you incredible insight to what living tiny is all about! See on – The Tiny Mile

Peek Inside This Octagon-Shaped Tropical Getaway

It’s basically a lesson from your high school geometry book come to life. Source: Nuggets and ideas… but only that for tiny living. See on – The Tiny Mile

On the market: Top-of-the-line tiny houses on wheels at a screeching $585 a … –

Dispelling the myth that tiny houses are just over-hyped RVs, here are examples of well-designed small homes on wheels designed by architects and handcrafted by pros. Source: Here are some fabulous features for tiny homes… I’m intrigued and inspired! See on – The Tiny Mile

Living in a Tiny House Lets Me Live Out My Dreams

Downsizing my life by living in a 200-square-foot house gave me financial freedom in work and in life — a bigger payoff than I could have imagined. Source: And this is how it’s done!  Love love love the way this guy tacked this project!  I’m in  #hobomode See on – The Tiny Mile