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640sqft Solar Powered Shipping Container Cabin with Greenhouse For $25k

Source: Shipping containers are making a big splash in the tiny house arena.  I like the additional solar and greenhouse attached. See on – The Tiny Mile Advertisements

She Built An Epic Tiny House In the Hawaiian Jungle For Just $11,000

There’s almost an endless amount of things you could do with $11,000. Including building this incredible tiny house! Source: Budget, skills, and willingness to learn – all adds up to saving, creativity, experience and oh, so much more! See on – The Tiny Mile

TINY HOUSE Giant Journey

  Guillaume Dutilh and his partner Jenna have done what some people would consider unimaginable: quitting their jobs, building a tiny house on wheels and traveling the country in pursuit of their p… Source: making the decision to join the tiny house movement is a big leap for many and a welcome step for […]

Tiny House Living: How Two Families Made It Work—Teenagers, Sleepovers, Alone Time, and All

How do you fit a full-sized family into a tiny house? The Morrisons and Kasls found that the benefits of life in 200 square feet outweigh the difficulties. Source: It’s a juggling act that highlights communication in family dynamics. See on – The Tiny Mile

our tiny home

The Cider Box from Tiny House Swoon. I love the bumped up top and dormer windows on this one! I really like the looks of this home on wheels. Source: love love french doors and dormers – this has to be a favorite of mine! See on – The Tiny Mile

Take a Look Inside This 160-Square-Foot Home

One creative homeowner dreamed big by thinking small. Source: This is a cute, tiny home.  It’s truly for the minimalist..  See on – The Tiny Mile

our tiny home

A custom tiny house on wheels in Oregon City, Oregon. Shared and built Heirloom Custom Tiny Homes. Source: For not compromising cooking needs, this tiny home has some great design features! See on – The Tiny Mile