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Let’s Chat About The Value of Grammar

It was the Oxford Comma that opened this discussion that leaps in around flexibility, adaptability, and knowing the value of holding your own.

Image from Google Images search.

Image from Google Images search.

Holding your professional own is determined by the technique(s) you use to secure relationships. And I know I sound cold, but think of this topic as more clinical in purpose. Suck out the ego and blow in the rational.

A significant part of holding your own as a professional or drawing boundaries on your standards, is setting that bar for the qualities and characteristic by which others remember you. The more educated, or formalized, presentation you comfortably demonstrate, the more you will surround yourself with the same. You really do become a reflection of those with whom you surround yourself.
Language is a strong precursor to the types of relationships you attract. Grammar is key and a continual education moment. Let’s just start with some very basics. These are truly illuminating errors that subtlety reveals understanding.

Recently sitting in on a several thousand dollar contract signing, my business acquaintance, talks about our working arrangement. His exact words were, “Her and I are a great team… “. I winced, mentally made a note and promised to talk about it later. I’ll remind him that one cannot correctly say, “Her is a great team member”. One would say, “She is a great team member”. So, logically, when speaking about the two people working together, one would say, “She and I are a great team”. Let’s not forget the even more egregious, “Me and her…” For me, in the business world, that’s a deal breaker.

Learn the right way to use pronouns. You’ll increase your personal value. There are some quick tricks out there to help you integrate the proper use and break old habits – but just like anything, how hungry are you and on which professional ladder rung do you envision yourself?

ps – this is also addressed to the writers and Kevin Spacey of Netflix’s series, House Of Cards.

resource: valstilwell.com/resources  – look for a button that reads, “Grammar Help”


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