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Finding The Right Look That Fits My Tag Line

I Ignite Projects

Val Stilwell, MSCS Trademark

My efforts to identify myself has been a long and experimental one.  And it really didn’t need to be as long as it was but I have to say, the outcome is a good one. My tag line has been for years, “I Ignite Projects!”.  It fits the depth of my work and spans across the industries in which I’ve implemented activities. But to actually have my logo… the icon that fits me has been a journey. 

And the journey has culminated in such satisfaction. I found a graphic artist who got me. Now mind you, I can do a some graphic arts myself so I had something raw to show her but what she did with my ideas has been amazing. Kellee, the wonder woman of graphic arts, not only gave me a fitting contemporary look, it translates to icons, backgrounds, black and white, and to scale. It’s made the difference of how I feel about my own work… and I thought I was good before.

My recommendation to entrepreneurs and everyone who’s serious about their professionalism: Get professional pictures, find a graphic artist who connects with you, and pay for services to get your polish. You’ll be taken more seriously when stacked against others, and you’ll be proud of how you appear. Don’t settle for the norm – go one step up from the beginning!



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