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Social Media Pours Into Mainstream – Well Duh!

Social media is going away? That’s what the title of the article I just read implied – Feathers ruffled, I quickly garnered my thoughts and opinions to rebuke and admonish those who say social media is going away – because I know it’s simply not true.

Then I see it’s written by social media guru Jeff Bullas.  Ok, I thought what’s up – he’s definitely earned my respect for his insights and knowledge on this topic. Not only can he write, he’s well informed and I agree with him.  Here’s his summary of his article:Floodgates Open

“Social media “is” becoming media and any media that doesn’t provide sharing capabilities and time and place portability will disappear.”

“So the thinking has to continually be… How can I integrate social into my traditional media so I can make it easy for the crowd and tribes to share my content and brand?

It is time to let your content be “free” and “searchable”.

As traditional media becomes social, all media will just be “media”

So how do you plan for converging media?

  1. Create media for traditional and social (Video should be created that can be published and promoted on mass and social channels)

  2. Create content for the 3 screens

  3. Make “Liquid Content”

  4. Create business social media network channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for publishing and promoting your video and written content

  5. Use paid media such as “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM)  and “Social Media Marketing” (SMM) to provide the initial catalyst.

  6. Create a hub such as a website or blog that becomes your central point of content publishing and then share it on social networks where your audience is”

And, again, I agree with Jeff.  He’s spot on and way ahead of the curve. He’s your flashlight peering into the tunnel of what’s to come.

On a side note: All of this is intimidating for businesses moving from old ways to new ways… but it doesn’t have to be. CEO’s and management need to understand it – not personally do it. That’s what our bright, cheerful graduating youth can assist with (including mentorship for appropriateness).

So businesses need to pay attention, think forward, and write your little hearts out (produce content) to gain your foothold as the “go-to-business” for your customers and customers to come. 

Questions?   Feel free to ask –  if I don’t have them I know someone who does.


for the full article by Jeff Bullas: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2012/01/19/why-social-media-will-disappear/


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