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She Said What?! Letter I Would Like To Receive

Think First & Take The High Road


I know I’m probably dreaming – but I like to live with hopes and possibilities around every corner. Here’s a letter I would like to receive for so many reasons.

Dear Ms. Stilwell,

First I wanted to say how much I appreciate your viewership for our nightly news. Knowing that you turn on your television to watch our channel is important to us. We care that we provide content that you are willing to spend your time watching.

Secondly, I would like to offer my apology for my young assistant who replied to your Facebook post with a less than thoughtful response. May I start with the notion that her heart is in her work and her passion for her efforts is quite notable? Once in a while, her passion surfaces before her thought processes engage and her excited youthfulness makes an appearance.  She really didn’t mean to tell you that your opinion was “petty and annoying”. Nor did she want you to “just get over it” when you suggested mentorship for our reporters.

We value the knowledge of our viewers such as you and we also know you understand that to error is human. We thank you for that. Rest assured, the wine industry has backed your opinion that the names of their products not be repeatedly mispronounced – particularly one as simple as Pinot. (I could have easily coached her on that as our station is blessed with vineyard advertising relationships – my bad.)

Again, I thank you for spending your time and effort to both watch and communicate with our station – it is because of viewers like you that we get to deliver information and entertainment to your home.  Please don’t stop enjoying our Facebook community – we hear so many wonderful stories and welcome opportunities to educate our staff with teaching moments, public relations, and growth.  I’ll be watching for your interactions and look forward to personally responding to your input as I mentor my assistant.




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