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68% of Google+ users are male, while 80%

68% of Google+ users are male, while 80% of Pinterest users are women. (leaderswest Digital Marketing Journal) Advertisements

Social Media Marketing Campaign Tips For Success | Social Media Marketing & Content Distribution

See on – Social Media On The Loose~ While social media websites might just look entertaining or maybe a convenient way to stay connected with your social contacts, know that these same websites (Make A Social Media Marketing Differen… Val Stilwell MSCS‘s insight: Conversations open doors…encourage conversations with social media.  Great article! See […]

outstanding-social-media-pages.png (1000×4398 pixels)

See on – Social Media On The Loose~ RT @AMA_Marketing: Create Amazing Social Media Page via @SMWriting #smm Val Stilwell MSCS‘s insight: How to create your outstanding Social Media Page! Right here. Follow me: @vstil if you want to learn about social media. See on

Brand Ambassadors! RT @MackCollier Empow

Brand Ambassadors! RT @MackCollier Empowering Brand Advocates and Encouraging Brand Advocacy via @HotBlogTips YESSSS!!

RT @jeffbullas “What are the 10 Secret

RT @jeffbullas “What are the 10 Secret Benefits of #Blogging ?   #Blogger #SocialMedia #Mktg #PersonalBrand”

Increase transparency and embrace permis

Increase transparency and embrace permission marketing! #blogshelp #VstilTips

Social Media Pours Into Mainstream – Well Duh!

Social media is going away? That’s what the title of the article I just read implied – Feathers ruffled, I quickly garnered my thoughts and opinions to rebuke and admonish those who say social media is going away – because I know it’s simply not true. Then I see it’s written by social media guru […]