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Magic Management Needs For Social Media


Art from Leapgo.com

I just sat down with a colleague who mentioned that he’s looking for the magic formula for helping his clients manage their social media.

Upon further discussion, what eventually fleshed out was the consensus that while small businesses want to have an online presence, they’re finding it too cumbersome to perform the task themselves.

That being understood, the next best thing is to teach them about the process, how it’s performed, what everything means and then, let businesses determine whether they want to do it themselves or hire it out.

If they hire it out, they can at least understand what is going on, how it’s happening and the potential value. They don’t get caught up in the “SEO is the way to go” crap and actually can understand that it’s a marriage between the function of developing and integrating culture and activity.  SEO counts the heads… but you have to bring the heads to the table to be counted first.

There is a magic formula for managing your social media – it’s not difficult, but it still takes time.  Time is not free but, it can be scheduled and it can be something that every business owner can do in-house.  It must be systematic yet at the same time, be flexible enough to seize the online opportune moments when they pop up… because they will– if you do your social media right.


Val Stilwell MSCS


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