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SEO vs Social Marketing – Which One Is Better?


SEO vs Social Marketing

So who’s right? I’ve now heard several SEO companies say “Meh” to likes and retweeting- that it’s all about the analytic  and how the numbers are shifting due to ad placement determination. They bank on the philosophy that they can place ads for your company in strategic arenas by association of like style organic searches that filter out specifics and count responder heads through quantitative analysis.

Social media marketers are culture based. Instead of associations based on organic searches, they bank on likes of association style.  Like minded people hanging in the same digital communities filtering in companies, people, and organizations and count heads through qualitative analysis.

Simply put, it’s about companies/businesses crunching the numbers that make sense to them in the manner that’s most comfortable. It’s about determining what kind of relationship they want with their customers.  They can meet them from their purchases or meet them for their interests. It’s two different kinds of conversations with their own type of triggers.

One says, “Here, meet me I have a product you want, it’s a good price so you can buy it now if you want” and the other says, “Here meet me, I’m interested in who you are and what you like because we have similar feelings about the same things. I have a product you’d like – let me know if you have questions.”

The qualitative is direct and to the point – more of a “I’m coming to the table, taking names and counting heads. The quantitative has a softer approach, more of a “I’m throwing a party, tell your friends. Both have potential and both are dynamic viable options. 

By shear nature, I function well in the qualitative arena simply because I like the value added of cultural recognition.  I like the relationship building opportunities of having people filter me in that come with social media marketing style.  I like people and am interested in what they have to say and why they say it.  I’ll respond to a pat on the back for free.

I also think that people are starving for a sense of belonging – geographical boundaries be damned. The digital age has made it possible to connect with those you feel the most comforted, encouraged, respected, and trusted no matter where they are in real-time.   Their use of mobile devices is clearly demonstrating the need to stay connected nearly everywhere they go.

The recap – choose your style, and commit to participating with a staged plan that’s reviewed in 30 days, 90 days, then 6 months. Simply stated, quantitative is an SEO approach that helps people filter out association where as qualitative is a social marketer’s approach that helps people filter in association. Choose the style of communication that best fits your culture and go for it.  Do it the right way and you’ll see an increase in your bottom line, if that’s your goal.



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