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Read Your Post Out Loud – Then Hit Publish

Write your blog post, then read it out loud. ¬†Finding the sentences that don’t flow smoothly are quickly identified making it easier to edit before you publish. Before long, your writing skills will show improvement and the fun will follow. Val Stilwell MSCS~ Advertisements

Magic Management Needs For Social Media

I just sat down with a colleague who mentioned that he’s looking for the magic formula for helping his clients manage their social media. Upon further discussion, what eventually fleshed out was the consensus that while small businesses want to have an online presence, they’re finding it too cumbersome to perform the task themselves. That […]

Why Social Media is Becoming a Business of Its Own | Viral Social Networking-Viral Social Media

See on – Social Media On The Loose~ As the worlds of Wall Street and Silicon Valley meet we will see many changes to social media. Val Stilwell MSCS‘s insight: Social media is not a fixed object – it’s a very organic, dynamic, and powerful tool on so many layers!  See on

The 5 Traits of Wildly Successful People

See on – Brand Me! I have a crazy idea: success isn’t just about hard work. There has to be something else in the equation of obtaining unimaginable success.  What other traits tipped the odds in favor of the world’s most successful people? For the past three years I’ve been fortunate enough to research […]

10 LinkedIn Profile Pictures You Need To Avoid | Bubble Jobs Blog | Bubble Jobs

See on – personal branding Want to make your LinkedIn profile appear professional? You’d better choose a good photo then! Here are of 10 examples of what not to choose! Val Stilwell MSCS‘s insight: Manage your digital self as if you are your own product. Know that your future employers are going to take […]

How to Create a Social Media Policy for Your Small Business – Small Business Bonfire

See on – Social Media Pretty much everyone agrees that in order to be competitive in today’s online world, your small business needs a social media presence. Val Stilwell MSCS‘s insight: All small business need to take control of their digital footprint – even if it consists mostly of redirects to an email address […]

Can’t Keep Up? 23 Ways to Simply Your S

Can’t Keep Up? 23 Ways to Simply Your Social Media Routine