Never Stop Learning


The Continual Social Media Shifts

The weekend finds me in the work/learning process while I take a class from a social media guru to up my game. And actually I’m finding that the course is reinforcing some of my current knowledge – that of which I’ve been speaking plus giving me a few nuggets to share.

Throughout the lessons she’s speaking about things I already know but I find it helpful to hear how she frames the same knowledge in her own words. Even though we are both saying the same thing – it does help to have the reinforcement build my confidence level in that my natural instincts are spot on. Plus, it kicks me squarely in the pants to practice what I preach.

And for the last thought, her nuggets are totally worth the effort of listening because she simplifies the convoluted and erases the overwhelming confusion of social media. A nugget to share: Social media economists say that for a rule of thumb, the best time to interact with social media is using the eastern Time Zone at 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, and 3 pm.


3 comments on “Never Stop Learning

  1. The best time to post on social is when your audience is online. One way to find out can be found here —-> http://wp.me/3tfa5

    • You are so right Stefan – what it comes down to is understanding the culture of the group(s) you’re reaching – when they’re most likely online – and should take some trial and error. A few well-educated guesses can dial it in tight.

      • Thank you Val. I agree, I’m a big believer in trial and error, then from a strategic point of view assess the content to put out to reach your audience from the research you’ve gathered.

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