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Master Your Digital World

I was recently tasked with the explanation of what is so crucial about Facebook for a business.  As a communication strategist, my gut screams, “well duh!” but my relationships with my clients help me understand the importance of explaining this type of digital footprint in a clear and logical way. In my desire to communicate […]

Never Stop Learning

The weekend finds me in the work/learning process while I take a class from a social media guru to up my game. And actually I’m finding that the course is reinforcing some of my current knowledge – that of which I’ve been speaking plus giving me a few nuggets to share. Throughout the lessons she’s speaking […]

Wow – businesses, pay attention, includi

Wow – businesses, pay attention, including online. Customer service reporting and reference businesses are growing – even internationally!

What Your Handwriting Says About You – Edudemic

See on – There’s a lot to know about how you draw your letters. Your penmanship says a lot about you. Through the study of it, you can learn a lot about yourself. See on

INFOGRAPHIC: 25 Facebook Statistics – AllFacebook

See on – Social Media INFOGRAPHIC: 25 Facebook Statistics Val Stilwell MSCS‘s insight: Facebook is a major player and influencer in social media that’s userfriendly – for all ages! See on