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Say What When


Learning the effective times of utilizing social media is easy if you put it into perspective.  Learning to say the right word at the right time to get the best results (my tag line) can be learned by thinking about a few simple things about your organization and your customers.

Not everything is written in stone and not all organizations are alike.  For instance, if I worked the social media channel for the city, I wouldn’t want to tweet on Friday morning at 11 a.m. that the city council is moving their meeting to another date nor would I want to dedicate my carpet business Facebook posting times after 4 pm when I’ve got the rest of my day behind me – so does everyone else. But, if I were a night club a Friday tweet at 11 a.m. about the night’s venue might be just right.

As a business person think about the time when you most want to receive or go look for the Twitters, Facebook posts, and other types of information bits that will serve your own cause and reverse the process. Your customers may be on the same track. And don’t be afraid to poll people in a specific industry to try to get a feel for when and why they engage in their social media.

If I were a skier wondering if I wanted to risk the trip for a questionable snow day, a tweet first thing on Saturday morning may prompt me to commit to the trip.  But if I’m a construction consultant, the last thing I want to do is to receive more helpful news on Friday afternoon; I may read it but I won’t retain it – I’m tired and want to go home.

Think about your business, the types of customers you have, the types of customers you want to attract and then, plan out your strategy.  Figure out the best times you think your followers would want to hear from you and stick to a pattern.  Soon enough, the following will flesh out and you’ll soon find your stride. You may make adjustments by fine tuning as you go but don’t go leaping in blindly by plastering messages everywhere at all different times and hoping folks will follow – more often than not, if your pattern is too late, too early, or too much, unfollowing you is only a mouse click away.





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