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Social Media Is Doable…

The world is changing – again. Although it has always been, the leaps and bounds of technology amplifies the modern changes. We can accept it, fight it, or move with it- either way the choice is ours.  I choose to embrace it and to enjoy the learning process as much as possible.Communication Strategist

I leapt into social media and personal branding for several reasons.  I mentor several groups of youth both directly and indirectly and it became extremely apparent that I could be more effectual if I lived by example both verbally and visibly both in person and online.  Keeping up with their digital development is not possible but living up to their digital expectations is.  My digital learning curve is far steeper than theirs but that curve flip-flops for life experience – so it’s a bit of a wash and I don’t get depressed when I don’t understand all the digital ins and outs of the new age.

That being said, I can hold my own in the average applications and I can add a new one every so often as my skills improve.  I’m satisfied with this pace and I can accomplish my goals of being the best of who I am both online and off.

I view many businesses that are well-established through brick and mortar existence as digitally youthful.  Their company learning curves are similar to mine which gives me tremendous empathy and understanding.  And this is why I decided to position myself to mentor and help here too. I’m needed and I like to help.

Bringing in young, digitally educated talent is certainly one option for a company.  The fresh out of college have many fast skills and quick abilities to adapt, employ, and initiate activity. They are quite often affordable and willing to step into a role of communication.  Worst case scenario- they can reflect the dogma of the 90’s web developers who received vast amounts of money to build tools only they could operate and in many ways held their employers captive.

But there’s always another way. Companies can now be more active and bring in someone like me who can open the digital world of social media, walk them through the process,  and coach them to manage their online presence as much as they care to do.  What I find with this process, is that the experience of the brick and mortar has the best value in knowing what their clients need to see and hear – they just need to learn how to employ some of the best tools to spread the word themselves.  And learning how to utilize that value online is not near as intimidating as one would think.

The youthful spark is inspiring and they will grow beyond our imagination as they compound their skills through technology – bless their little hearts.  But it will be the combination of accessible technology and knowledge about appropriateness, relationships, and common sense that will drive the average bottom line for business – as has it always been.


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