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Managing Your Digital Real Estate™


You know, personal branding is an amazing tool – and today that tool is employed ninety percent of the time without people even thinking about it.  But they should – especially those who seek to impact their financial bottom line.

Most of us have grown up with our teachers and hopefully, our parents telling us that our appearance, friends, and actions define us from the outside in.  Rebellious defiance of not molding to societal norms, has opened the opportunity for some people to express themselves in extreme ways that pushes the social norms.  For example, tattooing has bloomed to near mainstream acceptance because of social acceptance, although there are still those who push the envelope even further and are destined to remain on the fringe.  I’m not addressing the’ fringers because most are not interested in monetizing their personal brand –they’re just doing their ‘thang and that’s fine with me.

But let’s take a look at those who do want to monetize who they are by acquiring or upgrading a job, asking for a raise, or even launching a business. Personal branding can make or break a person without them even knowing it.  Just like a credit score can define you financially; your digital presentation can define you personally.  Perception about who you are, what you do, with whom  you surround yourself, and how you view the world can easily be created and discovered with several quick clicks of a mouse.  I’m not talking about legal records – that’s another step altogether. What I am talking about is that your social values have now effectual equity.  And that’s a big leap in the mindset for many – particularly the youthful. Essentially, how you present (package) yourself digitally builds your social equity.

Learning to manage one’s social equity well can push a person past their current boundaries, open doors, define goals, and more importantly, define the self (product).  How one expresses themselves by building thoughtful and purposeful Digital Real Estate™ can literally catapult them into the lives they envision living.


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