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Personal Branding Begins At Home!

Everything Starts With You

Everything Starts With You


I’ve always said I believe if you’re going to tell others how to do something, you need to walk the walk yourself.  So true.  I’ve been so busy walking for my clients, I’ve put myself last in the cue.  Well, that’s all changing now.

Each morning, I set aside 1.5 hours for “me”. This is my time to make my posts, write a note, and work on my next blog posting. I am my own client just as important as any other client I have.

Until I made this decision, I gave my best – which I should have- to my clients and by the time I made it back to my personal office, I was too pooped to give some of my best to me.  And it shows.  My blogs and articles for everyone else is shining and I want some of that glitter sparkling off my digital face as well.

Just as everyone who is preparing to step into today’s professional world, first and foremost should be consideration for your digital real estate and what it says about you.



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